Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #63 144 Elemental Points of Light Project Update

Published: Tue, 09/30/14

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #63
144 Elemental Points of Light Project Update

Dear Earth Healers,

There are times when Divine timing operates at a very different rate than that which my human aspect might consider the right timing. A little more than two years ago the last substantial thing that I wrote about the 144 Elemental Points of Light project was in Newsletter #57 on September 10, 2012:

Completion of Phase I of 144 Elemental Points of Light Grid. On the Equinox, September 22, a profound time of energetic balance on Earth, there will be a grand activation of nine POLs to bring the total number to 144 (1+4+4 = 9, the number of completion). It's been an interesting process compiling the list of these POLs. A few days ago it came to me that POL#144 should be located in Antarctica, the only continent where POLs have not been activated. Filling in POLs #136 to #143 was pretty much a matter of adding locations in the order in which I have received them since 2010.  I'll be in the Boston area on the Equinox, but at 1:44 pm EDT, I'll be tuning in to Windgather Glade here in Indiana to join those who have nominated these POLs (nominators will be hearing more from me soon). I also invite anyone in the EEH Network who has participated in this project or feels drawn to it to tune to all 144 POLs and send thanks to all the Elementals who have joined this joint project between the Humans and the Elemental Realms. I've often wondered what would it would feel like when the number of POLs reached 144. We'll find out soon. In the meantime, I have been receiving indications as where the project might go after the Equinox. Stay tuned.

At the appointed time I was standing on Emerson's Cliff, a rocky outcrop overlooking Walden Pond.  The trees have grown up so tall from the base of the cliff you can't see the pond as Ralph Waldo Emerson could in his day, and it feels like you are floating among the tree-tops.   It was quite a multidimensional experience tuning in to Windgather Glade in Indiana and then locations in India, France, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Germany, England, Ethiopia, and Antarctica. I see can now see this project as the initial completion of one of many interconnected energetic grids that are supporting the creation of the New Earth.

The project began in early 2006 (for additional background see: beginning with locations I had visited around the planet when I was much younger, and places my wife Bonnie and I had visited together, evolving to traveling etherically to making connections with locations connected to significant energetic events and places nominated by other EEH members.   Now, two years since the grid was fully activated I have found time to plot the locations and reflect on how the grid relates to other energetic grids.  Here are the locations in the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe and Asia) and Southern Hemisphere (South America, Africa and Indonesia/Australia/New Zealand):

The Pattern That Connects.  In my previous Newsletter I noted connections between the Elemental POL Grid and the evolving Upper Mantle Grid.  In my next Newsletter I'll be giving an update on the New Madrid-Wabash Valley Fault Zone Stabilization Project and be noting connections between the Elemental POL Grid with this and other EEH geophysical stabilization work.  Since 2006 I have had the pleasure of working with my brother-in-spirit Shoshone Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau in connection with his Medicine Wheel and other Earth Healing activities (  I can now see how closely interconnected our work has become through the Elemental Points of Light Grid.  For example, below you can see that the center and five of the points of the 2004 Grand Teton Medicine Wheel are also Elemental POLs.  The centers of the 2008 Atlanta and Uluru Medicine Wheels are also Elemental POLs (Stone Mountain POL#73 and Uluru POL#57) as is the center of the 2011 Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel (#87)--see Blue Thunder's website link above for information on those Medicine Wheels.

The Ongoing Healing Potential of the Elemental POL Grid.  I marvel at the diversity of the locations in the grid, ranging from people's back yards to places held sacred by many for thousands of years, from ponds and streams to huge lakes and great rivers, from ocean shores to great mountains, from urban centers to remote wild places, from barren deserts to dense jungles and great trees of the Pacific Northwest rainforest.  The grid was created with the energy of love and cooperation and is now available to support the healing of places where Mother Earth and the homes of the Elemental realms have been harmed by humans who have not yet remembered their oneness with all things. Is there a place like this near to your heart?  With an open heart connect with the place and with the Elemental POL Grid.  I have started making this a part of my Earth Healing practice when I am focused on a particular area that comes to my attention for healing.  I'd love to hear from any of you who may feel called to work the the grid in this way.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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