Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #70, August 18, 2015 Karst and Water

Published: Tue, 08/18/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #70, August 18, 2015
Karst and Water

Dear Earth Healers,

It's been an active month Earth-healing wise, with the emergence of a new water-healing project along with continuing activity with ongoing projects. Below is a picture of a mineral array that formed in conjunction with the Lion's Gate energies on August 8 (8-8-8).  The base map centers on a karst area northwest of Bloomington, Indiana (my hometown since 1977).  Karst is a landscape that forms in limestone areas with extensive cave and sinkhole development.  It is very vulnerable to groundwater contamination because the underground channels allow contaminants to move very quickly often emerging at the surface in springs. In the late 1980s I was involved in dye-tracer studies in the area pictured below to determine where contaminants from a heavily PCB-contaminated landfill (now a Superfund site) were flowing.  They were flowing in all directions from the landfill. Earlier this month I was asked to visit a piece of property immediately north of the landfill by someone who had found the EEH website and was interested in what I sensed about the property's energies. I was pleased to find that the energies of the property were lovely and a perfect location to support at an energetic level healing the woundedness of the land and waters in this area. 
Energetics of Karst Landscapes​.  I have loved karst areas since I visited the Dinaric Karst mountains in what was then Yugoslavia in 1966.  I have not seen anything written about Earth energies as they relate to karst, and I am delighted that Spirit has given me an opportunity to focus some attention to this topic.  My sense is that Mother Earth's karst areas offer a special kind of energetic support to humanity as we experience the Great Shift. The many caves, underground rivers and springs create a strong feminine energy, that supports a shift away from the energies of patriarchal dominance. Most of Earth's carbon is bound up in the calcium carbonate of limestone and dolomite (calcium-magnesium carbonate). Carbon and calcium are the most abundant solid elements in the human body so our carbon-based biology is able to resonate in a healing way with carbonate rocks in a way that is different from other types of bedrock geology. There is still a lot that I don't feel I understand about this, and I trust that further insights will emerge in time.  In the meantime, for those who interested, I've included maps of karst areas of the United States (darker blues show areas at the surface) and distribution of karst outcropping throughout the world below.  The Wiki Karst article provides a good starting point for learning more about this type of landscape.
The Pattern that Connects. The coal and water healing work that was covered in last month's EEH Newsletter connects with karst in interesting ways.  The Coal Healing mineral array on Windgather Mesa is now connected with several smaller arrays as pictured below.  The mini-arrays on the left-hand side are both in or near karst areas. The upper left is represents two coal ash ponds in Kentucky where contamination is flowing in all directions.  The lower left represents Ha Long Bay in Vietnam where Toxic Floods from Coal Mines and Power Plants Hit Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site. When I checked, it turns out that the area draining into Ha Long Bay includes one of Vietnam's karst areas. 
Blessings, Love and Light,


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