Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #81 September 30, 2016 A Time for Integration

Published: Fri, 09/30/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #81
A Time for Integration
September 30, 2016

Wingather Gateway
Anchoring New Earth Grids: Cities of Light and Inner Earth
Freeing and Protecting Gaia's Rivers
A Time of Integration

Dear Earth Healers,

It has been an intense month with the third major influx of multidimensional cosmic energies concluding its peak today. 

Windgather Glade Gateway. Folks who have been receiving the EEH Newsletter for a while know that Windgather Glade has served as a focal point for projects of the EEH Network for a number of years. I've shared some more details about my 10,000+ year relationship with the vortex/portal/gateway at this sacred, hidden place in the heartland of what is now the American Midwest in FBLink1, and also some photos of the glade taken during the Equinox: FBLink2.  The picture below was taken at the exact time of the Equinox.

Anchoring New Earth Grids: Cities of Light and Inner Earth. Prior to the Equinox an array formed on Windgather Mesa that focused on anchoring the energies of etheric Cities of Light and the Inner Earth into the physical plane.  As I describe on FBLInk3, the Inner Earth is very much part of my understanding of multidimensional reality, but doesn't fit my understanding of the geology of 3D Earth. The best way I can understand the existence of inhabited continents within a hollow Earth is that they coexist with 3D Earth on higher dimensional Earths and may be accessed in our etheric bodies, or in our physical bodies through interdimensional portals.
Freeing and Protecting Gaia's Rivers.  There were two New Moon Water Meditations in September:  
  • First, in support of the opposition of Lakota Sioux to a proposed oil pipeline that would cross the Missouri at the Standing Rock Reservation (FBLink4).
  • Second in support of the efforts of the Menominee tribe in Wisconsin to protect the Menominee River from a proposed mine near the river (FBLink5).​​​​​​​ This is a new river for the Freeing Gaia's Rivers project.
The array below will be in place until the next New Moon Water Meditation in October.
A Time of Integration. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, as far as my Earth healing work is concerned "October and beyond are filled with unknown potentialities". As the picture of Windgather Mesa below shows, there is no room for any additional arrays and my sense is that this configuration will stay in place for the next three months or so as a time of integration.  We'll see what unfolds.  

Blessings, Love and Light,


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